LVDF 11 First Bands Announced

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Hey metalheads! The biggest death metal party of the year in America’s biggest playground is gearing up for 2019 with the sickest line up yet! Here’s the first list of bands scheduled. More announcements to come!

Kill Everything
Cerebral Engorgement
Necrotic Disgorgement 
Suppuration (Colombia)
Extremely Rotten
Gorevent (Japan)
Skeletal Remains
Antropofagus (Italy)
Xenomorphic Contamination (Italy)
Accursed Creator
Coathanger Abortion
Images of Violence
Immortal Suffering
Morgue Supplier
Visceral (Chile)
Accidentally Murdered
Krannium (UK/Norway)
Waking the Cadaver
Posthuman Abomination (Italy)
Belligerent Intent (Australia)
Display of Decay (Canada)
Abnormal Inhumane (Greese)

LVDF 10 Less Than Two Weeks Away!

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We are so excited to bring you the most brutal fest this desert has ever seen! We’ve got dozens of bands from all over the globe ready to bring you the heavy!

Check out the main page and appropriate sections for the most up to date lists of information.

LVDF 9 was a huge success!

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LVDF 9 was our biggest fest yet! We saw two stages crush tons of the metal scenes hardiest of pit goers! Everyone killed it and we couldn’t be more pleased! We’re already hard at work on LVDF 10 and will be updating you with information as it is available. Thanks again to everyone that made it our best year ever!!!

Your ATTENTION Please!

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Your ATTENTION Please!!! The first 4 bands we are about to announce for LVDF 9 taking place on June 8th-10th 2017 are nothing short of amazing 3 of which are new to LVDF the other making their much anticipated return after 7 long yrs.
Our first band, now containing all the original members,playing their first live show in 5 yrs & featuring 4 of the best musicians the BDM world has to offer. The one the only the mighty PATHOLOGY!!!! We are beyond stoked to have these legends back to tear the LVDF stage apart once again.

Next up is a band no one has ever seen live before & will feature an all star lineup including the multi talented Roger Beaujard, BITS of GORE. Next up formed in 1996 is the Hungarian skull crushers making their first ever US appearance GUTTED and last but certainly not least also making their very first US appearance,from the depths of Chile,HAIL CALIGULA!!! We can hardly wait to announce the rest of this Brutal & Massive line up (also featuring a couple more amazing reunions & many many first time appearances) on New Yrs day along with tickets.We are super excited to see everyone again & looking forward to meeting many new people & welcoming you into the family!! Stay Brutal!!!!

Kill Everything

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We are Very pleased to announce our SPECIAL GUEST, making their LIVE DEBUT at this year’s Las Vegas Deathfest is KILL EVERYTHING featuring Brian Wynn (guitar), Kevin Clark (guitar), Shane Newbrough (drums) & the return of Mike Majewski (vocals). Prepare to Di

Special Guests!

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Who is ready for our SPECIAL GUEST announcement? First person to guess it by Friday night will get a free LVDF shirt. We’ll even give you a hint. They are making their LIVE DEBUT(First live show) at LVDF 8!

World Famous Counts Kustoms Car & Tattoo Shop

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We are very happy to announce the World Famous Counts Kustoms car & tattoo shop has agreed to be one of our Vendors/ Sponsors. We will be raffling of tattoo sessions,& giving away tons of swag, they will also have a full booth of Counts merch for sale!!! WOW beyond stoked to have these hometown boys supporting LVDF!!!!

The best death metal party of the year!