Las Vegas Deathfest 8

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Las Vegas Deathfest tickets
Click the graphic above to get tickets to the best death metal party of the year!!!

Las Vegas Death Fest 8

Las Vegas Death Fest 8 was a smash hit!!! All the bands were amazing, tore up the stage, and our fans were even better!!! You’re all the one’s that make it happen each year, thank you for your support!!!

Original post:

All right everyone here we go. We are pleased to announce the amazing one man killing machine PUTRID PILEĀ along side him will be Rottenness doing their CD release, Splattered, Las Vegas’s own Lethal Injection, Gorgatron & Last but not least the Beer brewing, Weed smoking bad asses Eye of Minerva + 2 Monster Headliners & 1 Super Surprise Guest Headliner!!!

  • *Parasitic Extirpation
  • *Burial Ritual
  • Disavowed (Netherlands) Only US appearance
  • Darkall Slaves (France) Only US appearance
  • Crack Whore (Canada) Only US appearance
  • Human Bashing
  • Habitual Defilement
  • Center of Disease
  • Crematorium (Could be last time you see them)
  • Demonseed
  • Primordius
  • Face of Oblivion
  • Modus Delicti (Italy) Only US appearance
  • Dead Shore
  • Cranial Engorgement
  • Coathanger Abortion
  • Pencil Lead Syringe
  • Odiusembowel (Australia)
  • Deconversion (Mexico)
  • Hypoxia
  • Arkaik
  • Austerymn (UK)
  • Against the Plagues
  • SICK
  • Goretrade (Colombia)
  • Monstrance (ex Carcass & Cradle of Filth) Only US appearance
  • Stages of Decomposition
  • Forced Asphyxiation
  • Diabolic
  • Bound by the Grave
  • Fleshgore (Ukraine) 1st US appearance
  • Vacuus (Canada) 1st US appearance
  • Abhorrent Deformity
  • Immortal Suffering
  • Masacre (Colombia)
  • Exhumer (Italy)
  • Artery Eruption
  • Blast Perversion
  • Cordyceps

The bands posted are in no particular order. Days, set times with more bands to be announced soon including 2 more amazing headliners will be posted very soon. I hope EVERYONE is happy so far. I know we here at LVDF are extremely Happy & Honored to have all these awesome bands. Tickets on sale soon along with special room rates at The D!!!



The best death metal party of the year!