Las Vegas Deathfest 11

Las Vegas Deathfest 11

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The best death metal party of the year begins… NOW!!!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11

2 indoor stages of non-stop brutality!
Outdoor metal market and food!
21 and over ages.

Featuring the most brutal bands from all over the world. This year will feature many bands’ first/only USA appearance along with very special guests and CD releases!!!


Thursday: Band check-in is closed for the day as of 4pm.

Friday: Band check-in is closed for the day as of 2pm.

Saturday: Load in and band check-in is from 1:00 p.m.- 2:00p.m.

No exceptions unless you are on tour. Contact Big Mike if you’re traveling! 
Show starts at 3
Entrance into the back lot due to construction is located on
6th and Carson

ATTENTION: There is NO all day band gear storage, do not bring gear to the venue until ONE HOUR before your set time. We are not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. Thank you.

lineup and set times are subject to change

FCC = Fremont Country Club Stage
BBB = Backstage Bar & Billiards Stage


FCC = Fremont Country Club Stage
BBB = Backstage Bar & Billiards Stage

Thursday June 6th DAY ONE 5pm doors

Bloodsoaked 10:05-11:00 FCC
Cranial Engorgement 9:20-10:05 BBB
Suppuration 8:35-9:20 FCC
Defixion 8:05-8:35 BBB
Worm Flesh 7:35-8:05 FCC
Posthuman Abomination 7:10-7:35 BBB
Fulci 6:45-7:10 FCC
Death Crush 6:20-6:45 BBB
Claustrophobia 5:55-6:20 FCC
Accidentally Murdered 5:30-5:55 BBB

Friday June 7th DAY TWO 2pm doors

Blood Red Throne 12:00-1:00 FCC
Waking The Cadaver 10:45-11:45 FCC
Pathology 9:45-10:30 FCC
Goregasm 9:00-9:45 BBB
Krannium 8:30-9:00 FCC
Xenomorphic Contamination 8:00-8:30 BBB
Morgue Supplier 7:30-8:00 FCC
Cognitive 7:00-7:30 BBB
Infuriate 6:30-7:00 FCC
Cerebral Engorgement 6:00-6:30 BBB
Septicemic 5:30-6:00 FCC
Embodiment of Suffering 5:05-5:30 BBB
Masticator 4:40-5:05 FCC
Bloodscribe 4:15-4:40 BBB
Alukah 3:50-4:15 FCC
Vitriol 3:25-3:50 BBB
Ontogeny 3:00-3:25 FCC

Saturday JUNE 8th DAY THREE 2pm doors
Holocausto Canibal 12:00-1:00 FCC
Liturgy 10:45-11:45 FCC
Regurgitation 9:45-10:30 FCC
Antropofagus 9:00-9:45 BBB
Lecherous Nocturne 8:30-9:00 FCC
Necrotic Disgorgement 8:00-8:30 BBB
Immortal Suffering 7:30-8:00 FCC
Images of Violence 7:00-7:30 BBB
Kill Everything 6:30-7:00 FCC
Amputated Genitals 6:00-6:30 BBB
Coathanger Abortion 5:30-6:00 FCC
Extremely Rotten 5:05-5:30 BBB
Lago 4:40-5:05 FCC
Depulsed 4:15-4:40 BBB
Reviled 3:50-4:15 FCC
Display of Decay 3:25-3:50 BBB
Noctambulist 3:00-3:25 FCC
Accursed Creator 2:35-3:00 BBB


Since 2017’s Las Vegas Deathfest 9 we’ve had an amazing venue right on the strip thanks to the Backstage Bar & Billiards and Freemont Country Club !!! (map) located @ 601 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. This year is no different and we look forward to another great year at a fantastic venue!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Here’s stage 1!!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Here’s the front of the venue!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Check out the cool bar with the road case seats!!!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
We’ll be running bands back to back. No breaks in the action!!!

Now for stage 2…

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Stage 2!!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Check out that space!!!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
Check out the killer bar!

Las Vegas Deathfest 11
The stage!


The best death metal party of the year!